I'm Britney Christian- singer/songwriter from Southern California. I just released a brand new EP called "Through". This album is all about finding LIGHT in the midst of darkness, HOPE in the midst of hopelessness and learning how to keep the FAITH even when your faith is blind. My blog, "A Ray of Light" follows alongside my album giving you stories behind the songs and more of my thoughts on how we can find light in the midst of a dark world. I want you to feel like you know not just my musical life but my complete life. I hope that in the process I will learn more about all of you as well so please post your thoughts! I am so thankful for each and every one of you who have followed me throughout the years and stuck by my side. I love you all.

Opening My Diary: “Unspoken Melodies”


What comes first, the music, the lyrics or the melody? This is a question I have been asked many times when it comes to songwriting. Every songwriter is different; everyone has a different way of doing things. But I would also say that every song is a different process even for the same songwriter.

My favorite part of songs are the lyrics. For me, songwriting is all about processing situations and emotions. Writing things out in poetic form helps me to explore what I’m going through.

But what about those times when we aren’t exactly sure what we are feeling? That’s when I turn to the music; that’s when I turn to notes and melodies. I sit down at the piano, or I pick up my guitar and I just start playing. Sometimes words pour onto the page…

Unspoken Melodies
By Britney Christian

These words are not real words,
Nor are these feelings I understand
Simply guided by the flow,
My fingers roll with where they land

It can change at any instant,
Each note carrying a task
Answering unspoken questions,
That I hadn’t thought to ask

With each note, I sense a freedom,
Unleashing something inside me
Like a burden being lifted,
And emotions breaking free

I don’t know where it’s going,
But I sense when each part should end
As if each new vibration,
Is a different word that seeks to mend

It takes me on a journey,
I get lost and close my eyes
Caught up in the miracle,
Of each new, wonderful surprise

It takes my heart right with it,
Lets it explore where it needed to go
Even if I can’t comprehend
What I needed it to show

I’m left with a simple chord,
As it fades into the night
Slowing lifting up from there,
My heart, it now feels light 

Signed to SONY/MTV and Throwing a CD Release Concert!


I am breaking out of my normal blog format today to share some exciting news! Drum roll please….. My entire album was signed to Sony/MTV!!!! Extreme Music, which is a partnership between Sony Music and MTV absolutely loved the album and signed the whole thing to their licensing deal. This means that they will now be pitching my music to film, television, advertisements, etc. They are one of the top companies in the industry and they represent a very small amount of artists that they are very passionate about so I am excited to see where this takes my music! Who knows, maybe you’ll hear one of my songs in the next Hunger Games;) (I wish!!!) 

For all of you Southern-Californian’s out there, I would also love to invite all of you to attend my cd release concert coming up in 2 short weeks! 

Saturday, September 6th at 7pm

500 High Point Drive 
Ventura, CA 93003

I will be playing all of the music off of my album, along with a few other fun songs you will all know and love. Admission is free so please bring all of your family and friends! We will be having a silent auction and all of the proceeds will be going towards “Teen Reach Adventure Camp” which benefits foster teens in the community. I partnered with another awesome band who just finished their album, so it will be a back to back night of great music! I cannot wait to share the music with you so I hope to see you there!

Thank you all again for your support!

Britney Christian

Haven’t heard the album yet? What are you waiting for! Check it out on  iTunes 


10 Steps To Success

We all have hopes, plans and dreams. But how do we take our dreams and actually make them a reality? Check out these 10 steps to find your own success!


1. Know Your Vision

The first thing you need is vision for what you want to achieve. There is a reason why one of the top job interview questions is, “What is your five year plan?” “What is your ten year plan?” People who don’t know what they are striving for won’t know how to get there.

2. Plan

So, you have a vision for what you want to achieve, now the next step is setting up goals for yourself that will help you along the way. Whatever your dreams are, create achievable goals that will help you get there. I say achievable, because often people set their goals too high and then they get frustrated and give up when they can’t meet them. When I decided that I wanted to not only be a singer, but a songwriter, I didn’t just sit down and try to write an entire song by myself. First, I surrounded myself with people who actually knew how to write songs and I contributed what I could and learned from their feedback.

3. Follow Through

Vision and planning is essential, but without follow through, it’s pretty worthless! You can want something until you are blue in the face, you can even plan exactly how you are going to do it, but none of that means anything if you don’t follow through and actually do it. You planned to practice guitar at least 3 hours a week, but are you actually doing it?

4. Grow

Way to go! You have vision, you plan well and you follow though! Now what? Repeat steps two and three over and over again until the end of time. If you are planning well and following through, it is inevitable that what once was a challenge, you can now do with your eyes closed. Now you have to set new goals for yourself that will challenge you again and help you achieve your ultimate vision of success. You can always keep growing and improving!

5. Put Yourself Out There

You are as good as anyone out there in your field and getting better all the time, opportunities will start knocking down your door, right? Wrong. Unless your daddy is rich and famous, chances are no one is knocking down your door offering you the opportunity of a lifetime. Now is the time to start putting yourself out there. One of the main questions people ask me is, “How do you start a career in music?” I say, “You start playing/singing anywhere and everywhere you can. The more people who see you, the more opportunities that will begin to emerge.” Understand that you have to work your way to the top; you don’t just start there. So if someone asks you to sing for opening day ceremony for little league baseball, you say, “Sure” and you sing for the little children. I said yes to that, I learned how to sing a killer National Anthem and 2 years later I was singing for major league baseball games.

6. Expect Rejections

When you start to put yourself out there, it is nearly inevitable that you will be turned down. Depending on your career choice, you may get turned down hundreds of times (especially if you want a career in entertainment!). I laugh every time I hear about an “overnight success” because usually if you research more about that person’s story, you will find that they have been working hard year after year making projects that no one cared about until they finally had their “overnight success”. Don’t give up just because you encounter a little, or a lot of rejection.

7. Remind Yourself Why You Love It

Your initial vision in step one- did you have that vision because you wanted fame and fortune? Now is probably when you start to realize that that doesn’t come nearly as easily as you think. Remind yourself why you love what you do. If you wanted to be an actor, singer, entrepreneur- you fill in the blank, because you wanted to be famous, you will become depressed after a few short months of rejection. If you want it because you absolutely love it, you are on the right track. But time after time, and rejection after rejection, you need to remind yourself why you love it. So take off the pressure every once and a while and do what you love, not because you have to, or because you are trying to make a living, but because it satisfies the desires of your heart.

8. Pick Yourself Back Up Again

You didn’t get the job you wanted and that hurts. Now you have a choice, give up or put yourself back out there, work harder, knock on more doors, be willing to start lower down on the ladder than you wanted and prove that you deserve to be higher. Make it a challenge to prove some people wrong!

9. Don’t be Afraid to Redefine “Success”

When I was 16, my biggest goals were:
1. Win a Grammy
2. Tour the World
3. Get cast in my favorite TV show

Do I still want those things? Sure, what singer wouldn’t? But those things are no longer my definition of “success”. Now, my goal is to write music that really matters to me. I want to focus on making music that impacts people in a deep and profound way. When we first start out, we often have naïve ideas of what will really make us happy in life. Don’t be afraid to let your desires change and grow as you change and grow.

 10. Work Hard No Matter What

Whether you are working a $9 an hour job or you are making 6 figures, commit yourself fully to the tasks at hand. Those who are faithful in small things will also be faithful with big things. You put a hard working person into any job and they will likely work their way up. You put a lazy person in a high position and they will likely fall back down.


 “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ― Norman Vincent Peale

9 Fun Ideas to Fire Up Your 4th of July!

No plans for the 4th of July? Read on for some fresh new ideas!

1. Discover Something New

Have you been to the same fireworks show every single year since you were 5? Why not check out a new town and show this year! Just pick a town near or far, google it and see what they have going on! Chances are there are great shows, entertainment, food and fireworks near by may put a new spin on your 4th of July fun!


2. Plan a BBQ

So no one invited you over for the 4th of July… Why not be the one to invite! Pick up some burgers and invite everyone else to bring something to go along with it. Looking for an awesome playlist to get everyone in the patriotic mood? Check out Billboards “20 Awesome America Songs”. 


3. Cool Off With Some Water Fun!

The sun is shining; the heat is rising, what better way to have some fun than with water? If you live near the ocean, head on over for some surf, boogie boarding or pattle ball competitions on the shore. Live near a lake? Rent some kayaks and head out for the afternoon, or even better, at night when the fireworks are rolling! Don’t live near any water? Get some friends together for an epic water balloon fight!


4. Go Camping

Nothing says American pride like going out to explore our beautiful land. Hike during the day, toast up some smores at night and veto the tent for a night under the stars! You may just see some amazing shooting stars that are better than any firework show.



5. Bike Ride

There is so much energy and excitement going on all over your city. What better way to explore it all than a bike ride? Make sure you bring a bike lock because you might just want to stop and explore once you get to an exciting area!



6. Go on a Selfie Rampage With Your Friends

Excitement in the air means a lot of people around doing really odd things. Head down to the busiest spot in town and see who can take the best selfies with the strangest things going on in the background! 


7. Have a Patriotic Costume War

You know all of those crazy patriotic t-shirts, pants, and accessories that all the stores are selling right now? They usually go on mega sales right when the 4th of July hits. Go on a patriotic shopping war with your friends and see who can come up with the most ridiculous over the top outfit for the lowest price.



8. Try Making a Patriotic Dessert

Are you in the mood for some creative fun? How about trying your hand at one of these tasty patriotic desserts? Maybe it will turn out just like the picture, or maybe it will turn out like an awkward blob, but you will sure have fun trying! Check out some patriotic dessert ideas here on Pintrest. 


9. Play a Game with a Twist

Break out your favorite games and invite some friends over. But try it with this twist: the loser of each round has to stand up and perform their cheesiest rendition of a patriotic song. Go over the top and aim for the laughs. Need a new game to play? My favorite is “Spot it!” which you can find for $14 at Target!


Do you have a fun idea to add? Let me know and maybe I’ll try yours next year!

The #1 Thing We Need to Stop Doing


You know that awkward moment when you trip and fall, laugh too loud, stumble over your words, or react to a situation in a way that no one else in the room did? The heat rushes to your face and all eyes in the world seem to be on you. We usually react in one of two ways. We either try to brush it off like nothing happened, or we mumble some apology like, “I’m sorry, I’m so _______ (awkward, clumsy, loud… you fill in the blank)”. 

We tend to hate it when we stand out from the group. Sure, we’d like to be unique, but we want to be unique in a way that is cool, in a way that makes people want to be like us. We want to be the person that everyone likes, not the person who everyone thinks is weird.

Because of that, we tend to spend our days monitoring ourselves in comparison to those around us. “Did they all laugh at the joke when I did?” “Is everyone else into this game like I am, or do they all think it’s lame?” “Am I going to be the only person at this party wearing a dress? Maybe I should wear jeans… but then what if I’m the only one wearing jeans?” We have these conversations in our head all day long as we constantly try to assess whether we are normal or not.

I have a news flash for you… You are not normal. I am not normal either. In fact there isn’t a person in this world who is “normal”. The truth is, there is not a single other person on this planet who is exactly like you. You are the only person ever created who responds to situations the way you do. No one else makes your exact facial expressions. No one else laughs like you. No one else loves every single thing you love and hates everything you hate. Suddenly it seems so ridiculous that we try to act like everyone else.

What is the #1 thing we need to stop doing? We need to stop apologizing for who we are and how we react to the world around us. Instead, we need to embrace the fact that we are completely unlike anyone else in the world and that in itself is something to be proud of.

I love to study people. One thing I have often found is that the people who everyone loves aren’t necessarily the best looking, the coolest, the most talented or the funniest. The people we all love to be around are the ones who are confident in who they are no matter what their personality seems to be. We are drawn to them because they never try to impress us, so we never feel like we have to impress them. They never try to compete with us, so we never feel like we have to prove ourselves. They don’t make us want to be like them, they make us want to embrace ourselves the way they do.

The truth is, I laugh too loud, I fall on a constant basis, I often talk in accents because I think its more fun, I sing any time someone says something that reminds me of a song lyric and I am unlike anyone else on this planet.

I never apologize for who I am. If I fumble over my words, I make a funny face and start speaking in gibberish. If I fall, I strike a dramatic pose when I land. If I am in an awkward situation, I tend to laugh and say, “If you are feeling awkward right now, I’m right there with you. Lets just laugh our way through this.” When I’m practicing a song with a band and I totally mess up, I yell out “Nailed it!” I laugh and start over. I go into the awkwardness instead of trying to ignore it. 

So what if you are not like everyone else? I think that is the coolest thing about you.

I shared some of the most unique things about myself, now it’s your turn. What is one thing about you that makes you beautifully unique?


photo credit: Jessica Fairchild

The Greatest Gift You Can Give


I have 24 kids, 24 husbands and I’m 24… I’m pretty sure I told that to someone one time. I’m not quite sure because they were speaking a different language than me. All I know is she asked me a question three times in a row that seemed to require a number answer to which I always answered 24.

I was on a mission’s trip in Mexico and I don’t actually speak Spanish. On this trip I often confused “Como te llamas” with “Te Amo”. For those of you who are fluent in Spanish, you are probably already laughing at my stupidity because one means, “What is your name” and the other means “I love you with all of my heart”.

We visited an elderly home full of people who had been abandoned by their families and left on the streets. I was in a conversation for a half hour with a woman who was speaking to me entirely in Spanish. I figured I could just read her facial cues and respond with an appropriate “Oh” or “Si” accompanied by a facial expression to match whatever emotion she was conveying to me.

But then she started asking me actual questions and suddenly I was caught… I didn’t have a clue what she was asking me. After fumbling through a broken sentence in Spanish telling her how terrible my Spanish was, I figured she would feel rather offended that I had spent the last 15 minutes pretending I knew what she was saying and she would stop talking to me. But she kept talking, and talking.

I actually learned a profound lesson.

Sometimes people just need you to listen. They want to be heard even if you don’t understand.

This woman didn’t care that I clearly had no idea what she was telling me. She was just looking for someone who cared enough to sit with her and listen. I realized that so often, I feel the need to fix everyone’s problems when they share their heart with me. That can be overwhelming! But 90% of the time, they don’t really need us to say anything. They just want to feel like someone is there and someone cares enough to simply sit and listen.

Who is that person in your life right now that could really use someone to talk to? Are you willing to be that person?

Sex: The Secret the Media Won’t Tell You

Name this movie scene: The guy walks the girl home, they linger outside the front door for a moment deciding whether or not they should kiss, they share one awkward kiss, pull back for a second to look each other in the eyes, then they start making out, she fumbles for the door in the midst of his passionate kisses, gets it open, they fall through the door as she points to the bedroom and they start pulling each others clothes off.

Did you figure out what movie its from? Or are you sitting there saying “Which one?”

The truth is, this scene is in nearly every single romantic comedy movie and tv show that I can think of. Hollywood seems to tell us that the perfect time to have sex with someone is on the first date, right after your first kiss. It can almost make it feel like if we wait longer than date 3 or 4 we are already waiting too long. So, is that right?

I won’t tell you what’s right and wrong -that’s something you get to decide all on your own. In fact, that’s exactly what I want to tell you. You have a choice, and despite what the media tells us, there is more than one option.

We live in a world that assumes that everyone over the age of 18 has no problem having sex, whether it is a one-night stand, or with someone they really love. But no one actually waits until like… marriage, do they? I mean after all, this is 2014, not 1914.

I am here to tell you, I chose a different option. I waited until I was married, that’s right full fledge married, to have sex and there isn’t a single day that goes by that I regret that decision. I can guarantee you this wasn’t just something that happened like “Oh wow, it’s my wedding day and somehow I’m still a virgin”. First, it took a decision and then it took a lot of self-control and wisdom right up until the day I said “I do”.

The question you may be asking yourself right now is, “But why did you wait? What is the point?”

All I can say, is that there is something truly powerful about standing at the alter, looking the love of your life in the eyes and being able to say, “I give you my whole heart and every part of me. I waited for you. What I am giving you now is something I have never given to any other person and I never will. You alone will know me in this way because you alone have committed your entire life to me.”

There is something beautiful to be said about sharing this experience with one singular person who you know will never leave you. Sex is so much more than a physical act. It literally makes two people one.

All I know is- it was worth the wait.

What do you think? Is the idea of waiting until marriage:
1. Crazy

2. A nice concept but impossible to live out in this world

3. Something you’d actually want to strive for yourself


photo credit: Jessica Fairchild

Discover my BIGGEST Secret!

If you were to think of the biggest life altering decision you can make, what would it be?

If you were to ask me, I would say marriage. I have to admit, I’ve been holding a secret from all of you…



On May 4th, 2013- I married my best friend- Jonny Miller! There are obviously so many details of our story, but for now, I’m excited to share with you exclusive pictures from our amazing day and even a never before released song that I wrote and sang at my wedding!

















Photo Credit: Jessica Fairchild

If I picture is worth a thousand words, what are the top three words that come to your mind?

Go ahead- Embarrass yourself

"If your work does not sufficiently embarrass you, then likely no one will be touched by it." -Anne Bogart

Have you ever had this conversation with someone?:

"Hey how are you?"

"I’m good, how are you?"


"Cool. Well it’s good to see you!"

"You too!"

I have that conversation with people all the time. Even though my intentions are good in asking, I actually found out nothing about the person I was talking to and they found out nothing about me. Likely, we would have both said some form of “good” whether it was a great day, or an awful day. We hold each other out at arms length, unwilling to be vulnerable because we just don’t think they actually care to hear what is actually going on, or we are worried about what they will think of us if we said something real. We play it safe to keep ourselves from getting hurt. And this, my friends, is the murderer of creativity. 

If you approach songwriting, or any art, with your guard up, fearing what people will think of your struggles, fears and questions, you will never allow people to see the only thing they can actually relate to. Have you ever seen a great movie with a terrible actor? They are faking the crying sounds but don’t actually have a single tear in their eyes. That’s what it is like when we try to write a song without putting our whole selves into writing. That is what it’s like when we allow our fear to control our expression. No one will buy that it is genuine, because we all know what it actually feels like, and looks like to actually struggle. You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable, accept that not everyone will understand it but also embrace the fact that it may be the very thing someone else needs to hear to help them see that they are not alone. 

My goal for 2012 is to allow greater transparency, especially in my writing. My goal is to not allow my fear and insecurity to determine what I let people hear. I challenge you to try it with me:) 

Check out a preview of my song “Crazy Confident” which is airing tomorrow night on Episode 15 of “I Used to be Fat”! 

You can watch a preview of the show and watch the full episode after it airs here: http://www.mtv.com/shows/i_used_to_be_fat/series.jhtml 

"Crazy Confident Confusing Contradiction" Written by Britney Christian (ASCAP), Michele Vice-Maslin (SESAC), Joachim Jorgensen (KODA). 

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