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Behind the Scenes at a Recording Studio

Lots of people always ask me what its like behind the scenes in a couple different places

a) recording studio

b) tour bus

So I thought I’d do a couple blogs and share some pictures with all of you:) I’ll let my words be few and let the pictures do the talking. After all, a pictures is worth a thousand words, right?

Big huge soundboard where the engineer and producer hang out:


My favorite place, inside the vocal booth:) (thats a microphone on the left) 

Outside view of the vocal box, a couple different mic to use depending on the vocalist;)

This one is just cute- its a speaker but it looks like a music robot to me

Ok, kinda awkward but i couldn’t help but share… there is a digital record player in the bathroom. Weird? Yes. Noteworthy- of course;)

That’s all for today:) The next one will be pictures on the Gibson tour bus! Stay tuned:)

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