I'm Britney Christian- singer/songwriter from Southern California. I just released a brand new EP called "Through". This album is all about finding LIGHT in the midst of darkness, HOPE in the midst of hopelessness and learning how to keep the FAITH even when your faith is blind. My blog, "A Ray of Light" follows alongside my album giving you stories behind the songs and more of my thoughts on how we can find light in the midst of a dark world. I want you to feel like you know not just my musical life but my complete life. I hope that in the process I will learn more about all of you as well so please post your thoughts! I am so thankful for each and every one of you who have followed me throughout the years and stuck by my side. I love you all.

Behind the Scenes at a Recording Studio

Lots of people always ask me what its like behind the scenes in a couple different places

a) recording studio

b) tour bus

So I thought I’d do a couple blogs and share some pictures with all of you:) I’ll let my words be few and let the pictures do the talking. After all, a pictures is worth a thousand words, right?

Big huge soundboard where the engineer and producer hang out:


My favorite place, inside the vocal booth:) (thats a microphone on the left) 

Outside view of the vocal box, a couple different mic to use depending on the vocalist;)

This one is just cute- its a speaker but it looks like a music robot to me

Ok, kinda awkward but i couldn’t help but share… there is a digital record player in the bathroom. Weird? Yes. Noteworthy- of course;)

That’s all for today:) The next one will be pictures on the Gibson tour bus! Stay tuned:)

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